A Well Deserved Weekend

January 21, 2010

Oh my god. i really thought the weekend had forgotten to arrive. It took so long i swear! Like i thought it was Wednesday on a Monday. =.=. But it’s here now. Thank God.

pissed off.

(not) Me pissed about slow moving week!

Random thought. My sister and her friends are discussing David Archuleta and how amazing he is, his amazing performance of Apologize with OneRepublic on Idol Season 7, how awesome Crush is, How awesome Zero Gravity is and how his songs are always about loving someone. LOL.

That was a random thing to write but im an unexpected fan.


David Archuleta. 17 Years old in HollyWood Week (i think)

idol david season 7

David singing Apologize with OneRepublic on IDOL

Anyways. The Golden Globes were on a few days ago and i was surprised to find that i had E! Entertainment on my satetelite and even more shocked to find my mom watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). So i watched a section of the Globes and even though i don’t care much about fashion, thought that the whole 360 Fashion thing was pretty cool.

golden globe rachel

Lean Micheals at the Golden GLobes. Don't know what she's wearing?


some random celebrity with an Umbrella cause it was raining like hell in LA that day. (Ryan Seacrest pointed it out a lot xD)

What the hell happened to Brad Pitt? is he on something?

Some latino interviewer kept shouting for George Clooney and insulting the celebrities she was interviewing.

Oh and i liked 3 winners of the Gloden Globes. GLEE from FOX for winning was the win that just made my whole day and glossed over the crazy interviewer having the hots for George Clooney.  The others i thought was cool was The Hangover winning (hilarious movie) and Drew Barrymore for winning because she reminded me off her character in “Never been Kissed” being all soft and naive :).

Best Moment of all time at the Golden Globes.

She looks....not bitchy xD

HAHA! The baby is so gansta'!

Tommorow i think i’ll get to go see Avatar in 3D. Or IMAX. I know still have not watched it yet. LAME but i had exams. I heard it’s pretty good. Will probably blog about it later. :)

Final Random thought: I can’t belive Ke$ha took so long to get to No.1 on the Billboard Charts with “Tik Tok”. The song is so f****** awesome and been out for a while now. Sigh. Americans. I never understood them.

Will prolly post something about Doctor Who: End Of Time Special. The Haiti Situation. 2 new shows called Human Target and Life Unexpected (both which i liked) and Nepal since im going there soon (inshallah).

Allright. that’s all for today.

It Was Fun Whilst It Lasted.

January 16, 2010

So this is my first blog post ever so lets see how this goes. Not really sure WHAT exactly to blog about.

Interestingly, i thought this whole thing was a waste of time. but i guess where i live wasting time is all you can do with time really. And with the first weekend free after “Exam Month” i guess it’s time to catch up with all the shows ive missed out on.

Personally, im quite interested in the 2010 Tv Sceduele and the Mid Season Replacements for this Spring. Happy that “Dollhouse” and “Heroes” are back on early though Heroes is nothing to really celebrate anymore since it’s spiral into “sad excuse for televison” after Season 3 and Dollhouse is nearing it’s end as FOX sends it to the Attic once and for all.

I guess it would be worth a mention to that i finally watched Doctor Who: End Of Time Special (Part 1 and 2). It was f–ing amazing! i love that damn show for it’s captivating storylines and origonality :)

The Doctor and Donna Noble

The Doctor and Donna Noble

So sad to see that David Tennant decided to quit. but ah well, more on that later.

Oh, the new season of American Idol started as well. First season that of Idol that i will actually watch from beginning to end. Some of the contestants were just so….uh….interesting. but some of them had real talent. It’s always surprising when you see people with so much talent and they haven’t made it big yet.

Idol logo

I like the blue colours in the logo.

Well i’ll keep this first post as short as this because i still don’t want to get too sucked into this whole blogging thing (plus i still don’t know how to use all the features of WordPress xD)



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